The 30 tops images that makes us wonder what is happening !

Warning : those surreal pictures are useless but their owners have decided to publish them on the web anyway, and they are proud of it ! This top is absolutely WTF ! No need to be romantic, cute or adorable to post a picture on the web it seems, and those 30 images that come out of nowhere will prove it ! Whether it is a work of art or simple idiocy, the picture makers allow us all to admire their photographs that sometimes reflect hilarious situations ! A couple of lovers who look amorously at the bottom of a dog, a cat in a shower, a dog with a Christmas shirt or a biker with a cow... don't you dare try to understand those pictures it is worthless !  Useless, but still very funny don't you think ? 30. I like to ride with my cow ! 29. Faster than a fireman ! 28. I do parties everywhere ! 27. Dude, there is an alien by you ! 26. All the single ladies ! 25. Who will win ? 24. Quite a chick ! 23. Oh a rainbown in the bathroom. 22. It reminds me of my youth ! 21. Dinner's ready !
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