He calls Angela Merkel as a lifeline in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

This politician has appealed to the German Chancellor to answer a € 500.000 question!
To bring some money to associations all politicians stand side by side ... Or not. This is probably why Wolfgang Bosbach, a member of the Christian Democratic Party (which the Chancellor is attached to) decided to use his telephone lifeline while trying to answer a tricky question in the German version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. As he reaches € 500.000  Wolfgang Bosbach indeed faces some trouble answering the question. "The cult WM66 washing machine is legendary among other things, because many owners used it to (a) generate heating, (b) cook food, (c) vacuum clean, or (d) receive radio from the West?” So he tries to reach Angela Merkel (originally from East Germany) on the phone whom, he said, would be best suited to answer this question. Unfortunately, after two unsuccessful attempts, the candidate is forced to abandon the game and has to settle for € 125,000 for his association. Angela was probably busy "saving the world" quips the politician humorusly.
Angela, are you filtering your calls? 
She certainly appreciated that he thought about her for her washing machine!

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