They kick a squirrel form the top of a cliff in the Grand Canyon
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Just for fun, these stupid teenagers throw a squirrel off a cliff.
Are there limits to human stupidy? When will it stop ?

A video of an incredible cruelty is making the buzz around the world. 

A group of French speaking friends has the idea of climbing one of the cliffs of the Grand Canyon in the United States

The region is largely populated by squirrels, that are accustomed to tourists and besides not shy. 

From the top of the cliff, one of the young men has a terrible idea at the sight of a squirrel. 
He puts on his shoes and violently kicks the poor animal, which is sent into the void for a steep free fall to which he probably did not survive.

Seeing young people preparing for their mischief, a tourist filmed the scene in a video that allows us to see the faces of the criminals.

An investigation has been opened in collaboration with You Tube, where the video was posted. 

After such a terrible action, the Americans offer a reward of 12,500 euros (more than $16 000) for whoever will help finding the criminals. 

A sociologist added that if these people were capable of such a premeditated violent act, they are fully capable of being violent towards humans. 

Hopefully the American justice system will quickly find them, they incur a penalty of six months in prison and a 4,000 euro fine.

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