They fall in love without knowing that they are brother and sister
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Together for the past 10 years, it was a shock to learn the truth...
When Adriana and Leandro met it was love at first sight.

Being 39 ans 37, both residents of southern Brazil thought they had found their beloved and were planning to spend the rest of their days together. 

Fate had brought them together, they were both motherless and shared the same grief of not knowing their biological mum. 

The two lovers just see it as a coincidence and are even amused by the fact that their mothers have the same name: Maria

They have a 6 year old daughter, and live happily.

Everything is going well until the young woman, making every effort to find her mother, leaves a message on a local radio in search of her. 

She talks to her mother for the first time and the discussion is broadcasted live

They are both very happy until something very weird happens when Maria adds that she is also the mother of a boy named Leandro, abandoned two years later

It does not take long for the couple to understand the terrible truth. 

Despite this incredible fact, the two lovers have decided to stay together saying that only death could separate them now

They admitted that if they had been aware of this revelation before, things would have been different but right now their current love is much stronger than this truth.

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