These pictures were taken by the farthest camera from Earth

These record-breaking pictures were taken nearly 4 billion miles away.
They may seem blurry and insignificant, but no picture had ever been taken from such a distance before.

Nasa has just released a couple of pictures taken last December from the New Horizons spacecraft (launched in 2006).

The false-coloured pictures focus on the Kuiper belt objects, some ice clumps and dwarf planets, located at the edge of our solar system.

The image of this object, named 2012 HE85 was taken at a distance of 3.79 billion miles from the Earth, making it a record-breaking picture.

The New Horizons Principal Investigator, Alan Stern, is very proud of that release, he says "New Horizons has long been a mission of firsts — first to explore Pluto, first to explore the Kuiper Belt, fastest spacecraft ever launched. And now, we’ve been able to make images farther from Earth than any spacecraft in history".

The spacecraft New Horizon will not be taking any new pictures in the coming month, currently in a state of hibernation, it will awaken next June. 


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