She receives two love letters sent 70 years before
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In the United States, Martha Rodriguez has just received two letters that had been posted during the Second World War.
When Martha Rodriguez, a young 38 year-old American woman, gets her mail that morning, she discovers two letters sent from the naval base in San Diego and both dated from the summer 1945

These letters are actually addressed to a woman named Dorothy Bartos, who once lived at the same address. 

Both letters are filled with sweet words for the one that the author affectionately calls "bug". 

Al Fragakis confides his feelings and impressions with great sincerity “After all, you are the last girl I’ve been out with, and I’m sort of disgusted with myself for not even trying to kiss you
In the letters he even writes how lonely he feels in the base.

When opening these letters, the young woman said she was stunned. 

What if the two lovers hadn't found each other because of the delay of these letters? What if they were both thought they had forgotten each other? 

Martha found Dorothy, now 85 years old to give her the precious letters.

Dorothy, very moved at the sight of these letters, says that she wrote to many soldiers at the time in an attempt to entertain them. 

She eventually married a student she attended university with and had 5 children.


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