She courageously crosses a busy highway to save a wounded dog
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A woman rescues a wounded dog stuck on the highway in Mexico.
This is a very busy day on the roads.
The cars go at full speed, while everyone is looking forward to getting to his vacation spot. 

While this family is also using the highway, they see a dog, stuck in the middle of the road, shaking by the median. 

With a lot of courage, the mother leaves the car to the side, to go save the poor animal that is so terrified

She takes with her a kind of leash to keep the dog close to her and rushes, unprotected, to the road.

She manages to reach the fearful dog, lifts him in her arms and crosses again. 

The rescue is a success! 

The dog had been injured after being hit by a car, and did not have the strength to cross the road. 

He is now recovering in an animal shelter where he will soon be ready for adoption.


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