Build up your own home-made Jacuzzi... using your old car!
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You think that your car is ready for the wrecking yard? Not so fast, here's a good way to transform it into something useful!
The artist Benedetto Bufanilo innovates with a completely crazy creation! 

After changing a car into a barn, and a phone booth into an aquarium in the middle of London, he is now ready to find a new use for your old SEAT Ibiza, for your comfort and especially to relax! 

To do this, he removed the roof, the windows and the hood of the vehicle, to only keep part of its main structure.
He then inserted a kind of bath in and voilà. 

The Jacuzzi is pretty original, and since it still has wheels, you can move it around without any problem!


All aboard!

There is more space than you expected!


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