Being only 14 years old, she invents an anti-bullying system
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This young girl is about to revolutionize the functioning of social networks.
The internet has become a vehicle for harassment. 

It allows an almost total anonymity, preys are easily spotted, and threats of diffusion have already made many victims. 
This harassment can come from adults, but it can also come from the teens

And although many young people are not yet mature enough to be careful, Trisha Prabhu, a 14 year old girl, has developed a system that could improve the lives of vulnerable kids and reassure many parents. 

This interface, known as Rethink, is a message that appears when the teen is about to publish a post on social networks. 

This text warns of the possible consequences that would result from a poorly intentioned messages and liability arising from harassment. 

A test conducted on 533 students, all aged 12 to 18, proved the effectiveness of such a message, as in 93% of cases, the teens finally refused to post their initial message

This warning will probably not be enough to eradicate all forms of bullying but she had a very good initiative!

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