A waitress is fired after complaining about her tip online

In Florida, Yoder complained about a local church not tipping her and got fired.
In Florida, Yoder, 25, is working for a steakhouse when she receives an order from a local church.

The Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach Gardens is organizing a conference and needs 25 steak dinners, 25 chicken dinners and 25 side orders of potatoes for $735.

Yorder takes care of the order, prepares it, and brings it to the car for takeout.
The order is paid for, but the young waitress doesn't recieve any tip.

Very upset about the whole situation, she leaves a comment on social networks, blaming the church.

A friend of hers even calls the church to complain, but when the church representative gets in touch with the restaurant where Yoder works it's already too late : she has been fired because of her post.

The restaurant has a strict policy about employees posts on social media, to apologize to the Church, the steak house even reimburse the entire order.

The Church representative claims "We did not call the restaurant to have her fired, we wanted to get the situation resolved", explaining that the man who came to pick the order didn't know he was supposed to leave a tip. 

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