A tooth grows in his left nostril he is having it removed
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Instead of growing in his mouth, his tooth worked its way up to his nose!
A young man of 22 years old went to the hospital complaining about unexplained pain.  

He says he has been suffering for 3 years, and that his left nostril tends to bleed profusely.

Doctors from the King Fahd Military Medical Complex do a scan to unravel the mystery, and the result leaves them speechless.

The scan reveals that a tooth is stuck in his nostril! 

From rubbing against the nasal septum (the part that separates the two nostrils), the tooth caused many bleeding. 
The tooth was removed under general anesthesia. 

The young man now feels much better and no longer suffers from bleeding.

This story reminds us about a young man with such an extraordinary number of teeth so that he had 232 of them removed !


Publié il y a 1879 jours par Cécilia - Source : sciencesetavenir.fr