10 years after the tsunami, this teenage girl sees her family again
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In Indonesia, Raudhatul Jannah, a girl of 14 years old, has finally found her parents after being separated by the tsunami for 10 years.
The story is just so heart warming. 

In 2004 a terrible tsunami hits the island of Sumatra. 

In Aceh alone, the wave causes 170,000 deaths. 

Raudhatul Jannah is a little 4 year old girl who lives on the island. When the wave breaks, she doesn't manage to hold onto anything and disappears under the water. 

Once the tsunami has passed, families go in search of their loved ones.
The devastated family keeps on searching for a month before accepting the impossible: their little girl was caught by the wave and is probably dead by now

In August 2014, the uncle of the girl is walking on the island. 

He runs into a teenage girl, and is taken aback by how familiar her face looks.
He promptly notifies the family and the authorities which establish the kinship with certainty: it is indeed Raudhatul Jannad. 

They meet again, 10 years after the tsunami, and it is simply miraculous

During that time, the little girl who had been found on the beach, had been living with an old lady.


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